this is an aphmau rp made with morphs made by me a few weren't by me all the others are rules: 1:no rping the characters as ocs rp them as theirselves and don't change any aspect of their personalitys 2:respect me and all admins 3:no admining without my permission 4:no bullying outside of rp 5:no changing music volume or pitch without asking me 6:no hacking 7:dont ban or unban without my permission 8: no scamming 9: no spamming 10: you must be a morph 11: no joining if your gonna leave when i or admins join 12: no complaining of any sort about anything 13:follow all rules or ban when I find it nessary oh and morphs only work in r6 if you in r15 they wont work this part is for all my games in every one you can only be r6 to use morphs maybe occasionally ill give admin to those who follow all rules and like the game 

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