This is a domination map with three points.

For an official raid, deploy your team into hostiles team, and have an HR go in the visitors team and contact a BCOM+ at the base to arrange the raid. Please stay civilized and don't spam "OFFICIAL RAID", you will just be kicked.

-Ship ramming is bannable. 
- camping on top of trees on the ground is allowed

Gamepasses -

Please report any bugs, glitches, or lag methods or administration. Make sure to leave a thumbs up and favorite!

Any general type of glitching, frogging, flaming, crossing restricted lines, and exploiting is bannable

Join the Republic here -

Bob_Noob - building, meshing, terrain
Ze_tsu - terminal scripts
AegeusValour - additional scripts
Bndan, DD, DedicatedMango, and others - morphs

Private Servers


This game does not support Private Servers.


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