🚨 Update 3: 
🗺️ 3 New Areas! 
🐾 Over 30+ New Pets! 
🔍 Pet Rescue #2! Rescue ultra-rare pets! 
⭐ New Secret Pets in Treasure Room! 
✨ 5 New Table Skins! 
💨 5 New Trails! 
🥇 New gamepass lets you equip +4 pets!

🌶️ Drink more and more hot sauce to become enraged and destroy furniture! Then sell the table scraps to IKEA for profit and continue your cycle of endless rage by unlocking flavors, skins, pets and new worlds! 

Note: If you are playing on PC/Laptop, you can use the "R" key to drink sauce! 

🎹 Music by BSlickComposer 

✅ Follow @Am_brick1 on Twitter for more codes and news!

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