Delve into the mystery of the Hawthorn family manor and discover the secrets of a 120 year old unsolved string of murders.

120 years ago, Alexander Hawthorn stumbled into the village covered in blood, eyes staring into the distance. His entire family, including his seven servants, was dead. 20 years later, he visited the small village one last time and was never seen again.

Ever since, people have tried to enter the home to investigate the strange happenings, but for 50 years, no one could find a way in. Only when a party of 13 approached the massive oak door did the house allow visitors.

But no one returned.

Now, 100 years since the death of Mr. Hawthorn, you and your party of 13 brave souls have decided to enter the home once more and solve the mystery.

Beware, every step into this forsaken home leads you closer to your fate.

However, if you can conquer the secret of Hawthorn Manor and collect all of the clues and happenings, you will be rewarded...


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