The Darkness is Coming Soon! *
Can you survive the night when the Darkness Begins?
Or will you be dead in less than 60 seconds?

- Earn XP for every second you remain alive in the Darkness.
- Unlock new gear to help you survive
- Upgrade your equipment
- Turn the Tables
- Stop fearing the Darkness
- Make the Darkness fear YOU!

*Important Information*
This is my first Roblox game. It was made following a YouTube tutorial. I veered off course a little bit, and decided to script a bunch of my own mechanics. I was mostly just messing around in Studio, getting the hang of it. This game is the result!  (Which is still being worked on)

There are some bugs I am aware of, but I am not too concerned with them unless people actually play this, since it only effects multiplayer ;) 

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