🧚 New Sparkle Fairy pet code!
🥚 New 2x Egg Booster (All eggs worth 2x value for a limited time!)
🌌 Code "GALAXY" returns!
🌈 New GODLY PET RARITY (Need 10 Mythical pets to craft)
🌈 Added new code: "SPARKLES"
🎒 New Ghosdeeri Backpack
🔥 Pet Pages! Now browse your pets without lag!
🚨 Hidden INSANE rarity, I wonder what those incredibly rare Insane Tokens are for!?!?

🥚 Welcome to Egg Simulator!
🐶 Collect eggs, gems, hatch pets, and unlock new islands! 
🏝️ Unique pets, trails and bags to collect and tons of islands to explore!
👑 Premium benefits: Legendary Skyhigh Dominus + gems!

Collector Simulator

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