Alpha Version: 5

Codes can be found on our server and twitter

We put out a heart coin for the event! We also fixed a lot of bugs, added low-level protection, and added 2 new game passes. 
Weapons Update will be out next weekend!

🏷Note: We are in our very early stages so expect a ton of bugs, balance issues, and whatnot. (sorry!)

 🗓  Update Log:
This update only includes a bunch of fixes/changes, no new features are in this update. (We have those saved for the future ;0)

🕹 Controls:
C: Open Inventory
E: Block
R: Melee
Double Tap W, A, S, D: Dash
Double Tap Space: Double Jump

💡 Performance Note: There is a low-performance mode for lower-end devices in our settings, you can also lower your graphics in ROBLOX settings.

😁 Welcome to Power Up Studio's latest project. We hope you enjoy your stay and support the game. Join our group for codes, events, and updates. 

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