🥚 Its an egg hunt! 🥚 Venture to the 🌲 Forest 🌲 Temple 🌲 in the corner of the map and collect all three keys to open the ancient gateway and grab the eg!

🥚 eg! is a silly social game about being an egg with legs! 🥚
🌎 Explore a vast world with your friends! 🌏
💰 Collect coins to buy hats, pets, materials, and more! 💰
🎩 Customize your egg with 100+ unique hats. 🎩

* Remastered thumbnail - HusHusky
* Icon and Thumbnail - Aidenmmn
* Abyss Thumbnail - enityle
* 3d Render Thumbnail - Andy11105

what's new in 1.0.0?:
* UI Overhaul
* Rewrote entire game from scratch!
* Egg hunt!

Search tags: Egg. eg. egg - testing. Egg with legs. Eg the game. Egg Simulator. Eg - the game. eg!

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