💰Use Code: "beta" Adding more codes right now💰

⚠️Mobile Devices and Xbox have been known to glitch! So don't be surprised if a bug occurs. Game is best played on PC/Computer. Some egg's have been know to glitch.⚠️

🎮Welcome to the wonderful world of Spamming Simulator! A world where you can't get in trouble for spamming, cause lets be honest... We all want to do it. Collect cash and collect a variety of Phones and travel to distant and exotic worlds and expand your Spamming power beyond your wildest dreams!🎮

🏘️Make sure to join StarBlasto Games for a [Fan] tag:🏘️ 

💰Check out StarBlasto on YouTube for Codes💰

Make sure to leave a (like) 👍 and a (favorite)⭐. Every like helps the game a ton! 

✉️ If you find a glitch or you lost R$ due to a glitch. DM starblasto for help or to inform the glitch!✉️ 

Credits to build: Arrow_Plr, starblasto.

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