Why would they come.. what do they want? There's something here for them.. if they need it that badly, then we must find it first... however our first priority is the protect and evacuate the city. We must tread carefully.. we can't hide, nor can we run.. We need the truth if we're to stop them, we must break their secret.. fate let us break through the judgment war for some reason, the nikeralites ran off for something, perhaps they sensed what they were looking for, and it seems that it's somewhere in the city, where the screams of terror and fright never end.. It's an all out war for earth, in such a small portion of it.. Where millions of innocent will perish. What will earth's fate be? Decide as a Human, or a Nikeralite, or become a predator thirsting for blood as an Arthropod, you decide what happens..

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