Version (0.74)

This game is currently in development, and for that it is potentially unstable and unfinished. This notice will be removed once the project has been decently evaluated to have made enough progress.

Prepare for a game unlike any other on Roblox!

As Rixin, explore a vast landscape dotted with structures of ages all but forgotten, delve into deadly dungeons, and do battle with all sorts of foes that want nothing more than your demise!
Can you save your only companion, vanquish the most vile monsters, and uncover the untold history of Ventury?
This game does not auto-save, so any progress must be manually saved!

The most optimal graphics level thus far is level seven.
There are currently no plans for Premium benefits, though any updates regarding that will be announced before-hand.

Private Servers


This experience does not support Private Servers.


There are currently no running experiences.