Currently 764 badges to earn!! (5 From VIP) (20 From Groups) (5 From VIP Servers) (5 Chance) 

Join The Vex Mercenaries for 10 badges AND a group launcher!!!/about 

Join Badgers of Robloxia for 10 badges!!/about 

Note: If you buy a badge please wait up to 48 hours for it to be added! 

Credit to unmannerliness for helping with the crafting! Music by Crew1O1 Cutout by GabBloxer

Change Log: 
- New Cave system, requires a "key" to get in... 
- Four new badges! 
- Minor changes to reduce lag 

- New YT Area! 
- New Taco Area! 
- 8 New walk badges! 
- 4 new hidden badges! 

- New Bone Sword 
- Fixed Badge Leaderboard 
- Fixed a crafting recipe


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