-LUNAR IMPACT has released! The decadent residents of Javion protect their planet from the raging horrors unleashed by Havalu's Moon! Will you accept the blessings of change, or rage against impossible odds?
Use the code MOONLITFESTIVAL to celebrate!

-Anniversary Event has begun! New seasonal pack featuring 150 new alternate arts based off of Blox Cards history! Use the code "BCANNIVERSARY" for some free packs!

-4 Million visits reached! As a thank you, use the code "FOURMILLION" for some in-game rewards!

Featuring 40 new cards added to the Temporal Halo card pack, collect them all!

Blox Cards is the premier roblox trading card experience (Like Yugioh or Pokemon). Battle with your friends, enemies, and bots with over 4000 cards.

Thanks for playing!

Credit to actualtsareena,T0m, and Flufflefunz for thumbnails.
Cheers SnyFort for the cool animation intro!


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