Suggestions for new puzzles have now closed; participants will receive their bonus in time for the holidays.

We're looking for any ideas, suggestions or improvements for the next version. If you have any, do let us know. So far, here is some of what we have planned:
- Multiple games per server
- Doubles tournaments
- In-game store (set the host, skins, etc.)
- Custom settings (dark/light mode, host name, intro, set design)
- Simplified and smoother animations
- Community contributions
- Better wheel control
- Most flexible timings (based on letters, difficulty, that kind of thing)
- Leaderboards for all stats

Train your brain to spot missing letters and words, so you can be the first to solve the hundreds of puzzles, in the game. Take a chance, and spin the Wheel of Fortune!

Thumbnails, thanks to videos from: WAQQN, CuritifiedYT, Djmono209, Lastic & Ry, and Number1JetsfanJamalA.


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