Welcome to Magnet Simulator! Collect over 40 unique magnets, and over 20 unique backpacks. Unlock new realms and get your own pets to help you collect more coins! Buy new fancy hats for your character to give yourself boosts. Trade with other players to exchange different in-game items, and more!!

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🚨 UPDATE 8 🚨
🥚 - New Shiny Egg
🐶 - 7 New Pets (including Shinies)
⚑ -  3 new rebirth magnets!
🛠️ - More money adjustments to create a more fair and balanced experience.
🛠️ - Money cap removed, and other bug fixes.
🎿 - Performance improvements.
🐦 - NEW Twitter codes! (@StudiosNimble)

🌐 Translations:
French - Scripteor
Spanish - Nightmare15042005

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