Daily Challenges have been boosted with hourly and weekly challenges! Earn Challenge Stars Use the code 'FullSpectrum' to give the whole town a boost!

Collect insurance policies from around the town. Return them to your hospital to upgrade it tycoon style, or fake your death to upgrade yourself simulator style. The bigger the death the fatter the payout. No other Simulator is as close to real life as this one.

⭐✨ Earn Challenge stars with new Challenges and redeem them for a chance at old event items!✨⭐
🏘🏡 New Neighbourhood Map! Take the bus by Powerup Park to reach it! 🏡🏘
🚗🚑 Drive cars and Ambulances, rescue patients for fund! 🚑🚗
🚪🌲 Build doorbell ringing combos and find hidden powers ups! 🌲🚪
🏆🥇 New Badges to earn and New Leaderboards to compete on!🥇🏆

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