Arcade-Style Rhythmic Action Game on ROBLOX

With an entirely rebuilt engine in hand, we've made one of the most definitive versions of SDVB yet. With better visuals, cleaned-up UI, MULTIPLAYER!? (we know people have been waiting for this one), and a whole lot more, we're going to make this the most feature-dense title in the SDVB series. Just gotta do it one piece at a time.

+ How to Play? +    
To operate the game, use your arrow keys to navigate and the enter key to select. 
This game does not require your mouse.

As this game has complex controls, there will be a prompt to play the tutorial the first time you play. This tutorial is always accessible in the song list and it's highly recommended to be played through once if you're new.

+ SDVB4+ has been updated as of (7/3/2022)  + 
- New Final Results screen
- New Matching Indicator
- New control-sensitive Controls prompt in the Song Select Menu
- Matchmaking now displays your display name


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