WARNING: This is a HUGE GAME! You will most likely lag so it is suggested you keep graphics low and close any other tabs or programs to keep lag to a minimum.
Update 5/27/2019
Wow. It's the 1-month anniversary since I posted that this game would be canceled. Silly me, why would I say such a thing?

I've decided to come back to this project after a long while of thinking and contemplating what to do with this project. I've concluded that I WILL finish it.

Why? For HRP. Ever since the "incident" I've felt guilty as if it were my responsibility that HRP was dead and NOS would be lost in the void forever. I've decided that I must continue this project in order to bring closure to that feeling.

I feel if I complete NOS, I will redeem myself and HRP will in a way be saved. NOS will be the remnants of what HRP once was. A utopia for horror fans and town RPers alike. Lots of ambitions: but with effort and hard work, they will come true.

UPDATE [2]: Converted to voxel.

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