Right Click a player to duel
Added Cyclopean Raid Event at 6 and 9am/pm

To level up in this game you can:
Fight Monsters
Complete quest
Resist the elements
-Floating isle
-Bush on Valerium
-Inside of Ice Castle on Iceberg isle
-On a heart on Lovely Isle

To unlock moves you just need to level up
Levels they unlock at are:

Unlock as many powers as you can get enough shards for

Gaining shards:
-Shards spawn in the sand maze every hour, try getting there early
-Cyclopean shade drops 5 shards if you hit him before he dies
-Shards spawn around the map and frequently can be found on low traffic islands. worth 25 shards.

Absorb shards by getting close and clicking it.

Capture islands by standing within the circle
-Captured islands give 1000 gold and 200 bounty per minute

Double tap WASD to evade.

--Vip Servers
Give 3/4 Exp
doesn't spawn shards.
can't capture islands

❓ Upcoming Updates ❓
-More Elements

VIP Servers

Price: 100 Play this game with friends and other people you invite.
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