Must be 3 Stamp at start of raid to be Official. To win you must capture and hold the center city flag for 600 seconds. If the event all Stamp and Allies retreat the raiders will gain a win. And if raiders have a valid reason for auto win they will receive a victory. This is a very free range place with uncountable strategies to use, so to less limit the possibilities, things such as spawn killing and wall shooting will be aloud, with the only rules of this place being, No Hacking, No False Claims of Wins, and No Excessive mean or rude behavior! Although these are the only rules, if I or a High Rank sees fit to punish you in some way, they may with a valid reason. Please be Respectful, and by joining the game you are agreeing to all been said. Credit to doctorfartphd, whendeadkill, bioncl3, bigbanana6250, guest63476, Atcop12, Cloneguytwo, Epicmon999, and Wordsarecool!

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