Aim H4X created by Nihilize.
This is my first game ever created on Roblox.
This game supports Clanning, RCL, Prison Life, Chicago Remastered / 1949, Arsenal, Da Hood, The Streets, Weaponry, Anarchy, and much more.
This aim chamber, aim training, or trainer place shows your true accuracy of your aim.
You can test your angles, mouse speeds, mouse pads, and ways to hold your mouse.
I made this mostly for myself to improve, train, or warm up, but it can help others too.
I'm also using this as a platform for me to learn scripting, so I don't plan on having other developers or builders for this game.
I'm trying to make this as efficient as possible so please let me know if you have any suggestions.
All of the update logs has moved into the game so I can have more room in the description
People who helped: Bidhya


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