Dark times are upon us, dark times brought through no compensation...

Buy donations at the stand next to the exit of the spawn building.

Note: Badge checklist does not contain all badges, rather some hidden badges, etc.

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In this update, I've added:
-More Badges

Coming soon:
-Worlds (might take  a while)
-Story Mode (yes, really)
-More stuff to make this game resemble a city.

EnderTheDeveloper- Builder and Creator (and some scripts)
endeydaniel - Old thumbnail and Floating Island
littlecatmaster1 - Built a few things.
Beatriz999gamer - Scripting things, like launchers.
superboxyyy - Checklist model/GUI
Linkreader - Letting me use some of his scripts.
Inkthirsty - Scripted stuff, like the cash system.
Bazduck - EBWC Icon Fanart (Currently in use, i modified the text a bit tho.)
stickymirro511 - Another scripter. Thanks for the scripts!


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