Skirmish is a FFA shooter game made for friends to socialize or shoot people in the face!!!!

- /e tpose
- /e dabbin
- /e clap
- /e sit
- /e lay
- /e salute
- /e panic
- /e headless
- /dropmoney [number] ( will drop the amount of money desired onto the ground )
- /pvp ( Will give you a ForceField to protect yourself from people attacking you, You must be at 100 health to be able to use it. )
- /mute ( Will mute all boomboxes in the game )
- /unmute ( Will unmute all boomboxes in the game )
------------- CREDITS ------------------------------------------------
Zeccerberg [Scripting & Animation]
DreadEternal [Building] - Map, Weapon Models
Vyridien [Building] - Map
rewill [Building] - Map, Props
hxiixw [Building] - Map, Props
Estsuki [Building] - Map, Weapon Models
ErrorSurge [Anti Cheat]

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