[PRISON HEIST] Streets of Bloxwood: Remastered


Programmed by @Luke_Gnar 
Built by @PandaWithNoName 
Thumbnail by Masonjwright123 

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This game is in alpha, not everything is added in so be patient.

Update 1.5.3:
+ Prison Heist
+ Added lights to humane heist

+ Added Slasher alert
- Fixed excessive bounties
- Fixed Humane Heist

Update 1.5.2:
+ Become the slasher by shooting the capsule in Humane Labs during the heist
+ FBI will set a wanted bounty on high wanted levels
+ Added Turrets to Yachts
- Fixed heist music

Update 1.5.1:
+ Added Alien Attack (Near army base)
+ Added Cutter (located at Sandy Shores)
+ Changed heist UI popups

Update 1.5.0:
+ Added Yachts (customization and helis will come soon)
+ Added team outfits 
Go to Phone > Character > Outfits
- Juggernaut outfits for all teams

Community: www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=1186767
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