🔥Welcome to Drift Paradise!🔥

⚠️WARNING⚠️ If you are experiencing lag, I would recommend for you to use one of our free private servers! Since this is a big game and some low-end devices/internet may struggle to play it.

- New Map (Paradise)
- 9 new free cars (Check the update log in the main menu to see what the new cars are)
- Car collision in private servers for tandems
- Fixed the walking on ice bug for car owners
- Added overhead nametags
- Avatar is invisible when sitting in a car
- Added a scroll bar to the spawn GUI for people who can't scroll
- Minor updates to some cars

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⚡️Shift to Sprint

🎥Left Shift + C for Freecam

👥Drift Paradise dc server invite code: 58hfgw2

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