Speed City is an experience made mainly by Meltedway, but others helped too. Thanks for supporting my old experience, Speed Simulator, so I could make Speed City!

16.3 Balance Update
Changed the Green, Red, Elf, and Legendary crate trail values.

16.2 - SALE
- Step gamepasses affect orbs!

16.1 - Buffed step multiplier of the Happy, King, and Rich ghosts to 130,000.

Ghosts in ghost city!
New Rich Ghost product!
Dupe fixes!
Map changes!
Use Code: "Ghostly" because you read the description.

GHOST CITY! How do you get in?

💖 LIKES and FAVORITES appreciated 💖

Speed City Credits:
Winter Map: f4ncyprio
Volcano Map: 0RKH & f4ncyprio
UI: Zhillandru
Music: @BSlickComposer
Ghost Trails: theloudscream

Crates without percentages have only a single trail.

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