Q/E - Grapples
Shift - Double Grapple 
Space[Hold] - More Gas
T - Counter (Press right before getting grabbed)
R - Reload
A/D[1 Hook] - gradually strafe sideways
W/S[2 Hooks]- strafe upwards or downwards
AA/DD[1 Hook] - strafe sideways immediately

Green - Health
Red - Physical Ability
Blue - Gas Burst
Yellow - Exp

-You can hold Q/E until your grapple is shot towards a target
-Damage is determined by how fast you're going

-If grabbed, use A and D interchangeably to wiggle out 
-Cut the nape to kill a titan
-Cut the back of the titan's kneecap to cripple them
-Cut anywhere around the elbow area to disable their grab w/ that arm
-Titans can regenerate any cut body parts except the nape

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