In Cruise Ship Tycoon, you start your own cruise line with a small empty ship. Place rooms, amenities, and keep your passengers happy to raise your ratings and earn enough money to afford larger and fancier ships. Sail your ship around and explore exotic destinations. Manage your income and expenses so your company doesn't go under (figuratively or literally). Board your friends ships and see what they've designed for their guests.

Note that this game is still being updated so don't be mad if you see things that are unfinished and/or broken (but please tell us)

New in 1.2.2: Bugfixes
New in 1.2.1: Bugfixes
New in 1.2:
- Added officer crew members who you can hire to drive the ship
	- Use the Routes tab in Manage to plan out routes for the ship to follow
	- Use nice smooth, wide curves to keep the ship from slowing down too much
	- WIP feature, there will be bugs, please report them
- Im out of space

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