💥 Train your body, fists, mind and speed in this ultimate training game! Unlock new skills, reach powerful ranks, team up with friends, venture to new islands & much more! 💥

🔥 This Game Has Free VIP Servers! 🔥

🌟 Users with Roblox Premium can open the Premium Chest at spawn! 🌟

📙 Update Log (V13) 📙
- 🍬 New Halloween Token Currency!
- ⚰️ Dark Pumpkin Item Chest!
- 💀 Limited Time Halloween Skills & NPC!
- 💰 Headless Horseman Spooky Shop! Get Old Transformations, Skills & Boosts!
- 🔱 Added Zeus NPC! Find Them On Sky Island!
- 👻 Added Many New Halloween Transformations!
- 🎁 Gamepass Gifting!
- 🚀 New Space Map!

⚔️ Bounty, Killstreaks & Reputation can not be gained or lost in VIP Servers or Space Dimension! ⚔️

[ Inspired By Super Power Training Simulator ]

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