💥 Train your body, fists, mind and speed in this ultimate training game! Unlock new skills, reach powerful ranks, team up with friends, venture to new islands & much more! 💥

 Update Log (V2.0):
- 💎 VIP Servers Are Now Free! Train In Peace!
- 🔁 Added Free Auto Open Chest Option!
- ☠️ Added Bounty System & Bounty Coin Currency!
- 🔥 New Tier 3 Elemental Ancient Item Chest!
- 💧 8 New Ancient Items To Collect!
- ✨ Added Legendary & Epic Chest! Gives Guaranteed Legendary/Epic Item!
- 🐲 Added Gem Guardian & Bounty Hunter Transformation!
- 🔪 Added Bounty Hunter Gamepass!
- 💰 Added New Limited Time Special Offer To Shop!
- 🔧 Many Bug Fixes & Improvements!
- 💥 New Updates With New Skills & Ancient Item Fighting Coming Soon! Follow & Favorite The Game To Stay Up To Date!

📢 Bounty, Killstreaks & Reputation can not be gained or lost in VIP Servers!

[ Many New Updates Coming Soon! Inspired By Super Power Training Simulator ]

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