My Finished projects
 ●Minus 3 (
 ●Seoliem (Link broken) 
●Fixed a bug with the windows not showing rain.
probably has lag so yeah
 ●please turn your graphics to 10
●there is no objective in this showcase(you cant get out :c) treat it like a art piece instead of a game 
●there is a story about a main character here you have to find it out yourself 
●everything in this showcase is chinese and there is a reason why the thumbnail is in korean its just a reference to how i got this name c:
●Took 7months to make 
●there are no decals in this place all of the 'paintings' are bricks
 ●it would help a ton if you leave a like and a fav ^^
 Follow me on twitter xd imma try it for the first time @Tot3rino A hundred dino sized thanks to- 
●Found an epiccccc cinematic video by SeaFrequency ●awesome thumbnail by the one and only crykee


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