Big July update coming out very soon. New area to explore!

Welcome to Springs Rock, the rumored Mythical Garden far up North, flanked by the cold breezy and picture-esc mountain ranges. 

This is the remake and continuation of the 2014-2019 Springs Rock showcase, which can still be found and explored.

Explore the nearly frozen valley with your friends as the spring season melts the ice around you, the flowers bloom tall and bright, and the valley comes to life. Research and explore it's mystical secrets, find the illusive teddy bears, and delve deep into dark misty caves. 
Several well hidden secrets dot the valley along with a story sprinkled into the world building. While you visit, enjoy the scenic hot air balloon service that takes up you into the mountains, or various benches and pic-nic blankets. 

Please feel free to share you screenshots with your friends!

Thanks to Itz_N3p for being a co-creator of this place and coding several aspects of it!

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