Welcome to the land of Foxlandia! This land, unlike other lands, is different as it is home to many intelligent resident foxes! Create your fox, meet new friends, explore the various biomes, and fulfill your destiny!

Note: This game may have glitches, make sure to report any glitches to Fennecpaw and Nyapaw, and we'll get to it as soon as possible!

Nyapaw - scripting, UI design 🐈
Fennecpaw - graphics design, animation, character models, terrain, map design 🦊
Jovpaw - modelling, map design 🐉

Protodile - emojis, character portraits 🐊
wolfs42 - "Foxlandia" logo, icon 🐺
qqtt991 - help with the headturn
Special thanks to CrammelApple and kealynwolf for extra help with the map!


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