An E.G.G operative will talk to you in-game with your latest mission assignment. Find him deployed on the field and he will give you the details. This mission is time sensitive. Good luck agent.
👨‍💻Hacking terminals can be found around the game. 
😎Additional agents may be spotted on the field distributing Dev & Admin eggs.
🥚Follow @RickyTheFishy on Twitter or @rickysfin on Insta to see schedules when they're posted!

Prepare your thumbs to start your 💬 adventure with a brand new Ancient Rokia Phone and upgrade your way up to the latest in smartphone technology!

💬Send texts and then sell them to get money!

💎Collect coins and diamonds to boost your earnings.

😀Upgrade your emoji to add a texting boost!

🔑Unlock quests, lands, and portals for great prizes and fun action zones!

A game by Shark Fin Studios, LLC.

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