Deep beneath the Alaskan mountain ranges, the JKR Research Facility is home to research and development of various sectors, and housing its workers, as science is a never ending job.

CURRENT VERSION: Beta 0.12.2 (Recursive Update Patch)

VIP Server owners receive access to a special control panel on their servers that can be accessed with the "V" key. This lets you trigger facility systems (such as alarms and the lockdown doors) as well as a few new features that are not present in the admin room. More features for VIP server owners will come in the future.

The minimum supported screen resolution for this game is 1280x720 on desktop. This game is not recommended for low or mid range mobile devices.

Tags: JK Production, Science, Sci-fi, Headcrabs, Lab, Laboratory

JKR Productions, 2015-2020

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