This game is in BETA and does not all of it's intended features.

NOTE: there has to be eggs available for you to spawn in.

This game has a strong anti cheat, You WILL be auto banned permanently for exploiting.

Ant Life is a multiplayer ant colony management game, in an unforgiving and merciless world, from one Queen ant comes a massive colony. Become a large queen, dig a nest, order your colony to find food, construct tunnels to store food and raise future generations in. Be a Major, and viciously rip your opponents apart with your massive jaws, defend your colony or be in the front lines on massive raids on other colonies. Be a Worker, and use your agility and speed to find food, scout areas, care for your queen, and build the colony along side her. Gather resources, dominate the ant-world, overwhelm fearsome arachnids and clash with other colonies. In this hostile environment, numbers are everything.

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