Welcome to AceOfSpadez!
Blocky First Person Shooter (FPS) where you can build defenses, dig tunnels and most importantly: shoot the bad guys!
Game is still in BETA and its not final, bugs are also expected!

Hunt down 3 unique gifts and discover their insides at the 24th December!

Update BETA 2.5.2
-All explosive projectile physics have been reworked and they should be heavier and less bouncy
-All trooper weapons have significantly increased vertical recoil and atleast 1 stud spread
-Rifle nerfed
-Model 29 recoil revalued
-Fully scoped sights now apply penalty to recoil, making guns harder to control
-Fixed camera getting stuck after game round

This is a tribute to the orginal 2011 game created by Ben Aksoy.

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