Welcome to AceOfSpadez!
Blocky First Person Shooter (FPS) where you can build defenses, dig tunnels and shoot the bad guys!
Game is still in BETA and its not final, bugs are also expected!

Patch BETA 2.5.7a
-Flags and Resupply Tents have way smaller height limit now
-Model 29 spread increased from 1 to 2
-Now weapons have their own scoped recoil modificator

Update BETA 2.5.7
-New Frontlines map
-Double XP weekends. You get double XP every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
-Frontline map has been reincarnated into PinPoint with new layout
-Weapon kill rewards decreased while gamemode rewards increased
-Blocking control point reward now has 5 seconds cooldown
-You can now change your votes in voting menus!
-Fixed a bug when you could capture/block points from far away for split second
-Removed Desert Pyramids map
-Removed TDM gamemode

This is a tribute to the orginal 2011 game created by Ben Aksoy.

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