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(Click the Gear, next to the player-list, to see Menu).

Titan Controls are displayed at the bottom of your screen, while playing as a Titan.

Fixed Terrain Map loader
Trialing different hit detection for Titan Projectiles
Added various terrain type floors to some maps.
Split the terrain rendering and the logic into separate runtimes, due to the updates to RunServices' Heartbeat.
Hopefully this will improve performance a bit.
Re-Added 'Mud'  "Titan".
Nerfed player's tools
Completely fixed terrain graphic despawning
Fixed spawning titans
Fixed game
Hopefully fixed projectile hit detection
Hopefully smoothed out terrain spawn and despawning - requires testing
Health Regen Nerff
Energy Gain rate buff
Projectile buff

Fixed the incredible lag, caused by a single Sound being played everytime the titans update.
Lowered Temp/SMG Gun bullet damage
Trying to fi

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