Phantom Forces is a first person shooter featuring more than 100 weapons and loads of attachments, all customizable with hundreds of different weapon skins rewarded everyday. Compete with your friends in 5 game modes across various maps from urban environments to desert towns to frozen wastelands. Rank up and be rewarded with different weapons almost every level from 0 to 100, and continue beyond to unlock the rare and highly sought after high rank weapons!

[4.8.0] Console Revamp!
Console is now up to date with the main PC version after many years of neglect. Update logs starting from now will match with the same log as the standard PC servers. 

After many months of set up and development throughout summer 2019, we finally established enough features (Menu navigation, aim assist, controller settings, performance improvements, etc.) that would make the game viable on console. There still exist artifacts which are relevant only to PC players.

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