🎅 Welcome to Santa's Toyshop! Christmas is on hold, and santa needs your help to make gifts, gather materials, and to construct toys in the workshop. You can unlock new items and quests in your journey, and can even fight mobs and bosses that get in your way! 

🎄 Update 1.02 | 
🐶 Pets! 6 New pets available in the shop
 ❗ Candy Cane Maze + Ice Cavern areas added! Unlock new items and get even more toy value from the Yeti!
🗺️ Complete Map-Overhaul!
📓 Crafting Book! Learn how to craft different types of toys
🛡️ Badges!

🦌 Coming Soon | Quests, Mobs, and more areas to explore!

😃 Thank you to all of our contributors on this project:
OfficiallyPixel, NinjoOnline, tallroblox1, MeIsMeatball, KelzieDraws, chickenman9876, WarriorKing20,  4ua, kevo1ution, Existencez, evanbear1, X622, and LowPolymous.

🍪 Have any ideas or suggestions for future updates? Or do you just want to support the game's development, then join Pixelized Games for a group-exclusive trail in-game! 

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