[SAS] Operation Tombola

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In between 4 and 24 March 1945, Operation Tombola was a major Special Air Service raid on German rear areas in Italy.

1: Admin+4 soldiers needed for offical raid.
2: No flaming/insulting
3: Any signs of hacking/exploiting will count as a draw on offical raid.
4: Recruiting for ANY group is not permitted.
5: Don't whine or compain over the game. Instead send me a PM what's "unfair" or has problem in it.
6: Have screenshots or video as proof for raid result and send them to me.
7: Any kind of spawnkilling isn't allowed.
8: First to 150 KOs wins (offical raid only).
9: No raiding in SAS uniform, can result in crash/kick/ban.

Credits to:
-Osajack and me for the building
-YouTubes for alot of scripts.
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