📰[UPD] New save menu! Available in servers with version v2.9 and later.

Welcome to The Pony Project's Multiverse RP! Here you can roleplay, hang out with friends, meet new ones or just chat! We hope you enjoy your stay. Morph as anything you'd like!

Remember to join our group for regular news, updates and a free chat tag! 

1.) No trolling, messing with or insulting other players.
2.) Respect moderators & other staff. 
3.) Behave appropriately and keep toxicity to a minimum. 
4.) Follow ROBLOX rules. 
5.) Do not discriminate against or exclude someone because of the character they are choosing to roleplay as. Our game is here to welcome people from all fandoms! 
6.) Morphing into or using inappropriate decals will result in a permanent ban. No exceptions.
7.) Inappropriate roleplays are not allowed.
8.) Do not spam.


There are currently no running experiences.