Build World is a building game meant to recreate and modernize the old stamp building genre of Roblox! Explore different worlds people made by users like you, build your own world, or even build with friends! This game is still in BETA, so bugs may appear and will be fixed as soon as possible. Please think twice before disliking!

Premium users will gain access to:
- 2x Build Tokens earned in-game!
- A special building set
- Builders Club Hardhats

Disclaimer to Roblox staff: Build World is not responsible for any ToS breaking worlds that may pop up, however, Build World moderators will take immediate action to take the world down and ban the user associated with it. Build World developers are willing to take any measures required to abide by Roblox ToS.

Developers: Check Quack Corporation description

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This game does not support Private Servers.


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