🚨 UPDATE 10 🚨 
🎩 Hats! Equip different hats on all of your pets! 
🎩 Hats give additional stats to the pet they're equipped to! 
📦 4 New Hat Crates (Find them in Candy Land) 
🏆 Hat Index 
🥚 New Egg (Find it in Candy Land)
🐶 New Pets 
💰 2 New Gamepasses (+100 Hat Slots, +500 Hat Slots) [+500 Hat Slots comes with mass hat delete] 
🤝 Hats are tradable! 
🐛 Bug Fixes

Welcome to Bubble Gum Simulator! Collect coins to buy better Bubble Gum and Flavors. Hatch eggs which contain cute little pets that help you on your Bubbling Adventure!

A game by Rumble Studios

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