This is Mortalis, a dark-fantasy roleplay game that takes place on the fictional Numerian Peninsula, where players create characters to work together in the now war-battered world. 

Roblox Hub:!/about

DISCLAIMER: This is the first iteration of the BETA release and as such we will be rolling out updates and bug fixes accordingly to include new content. Join our chat to get more info on the game.

Credits - 
Builders: vikterreznov, Alpyne, FatherBiII, Skelethon, Goku9090, Samhuin, cheezwad, SolidStreet, ABM

Coders: Papa_Szczesny, MonolithicDivinity

Additional map credits go to the Swnstone team, who provided us permission to use some of their terrain:

Domeboybeene, Kipp4h ,144hertz, Firepork1, Ironpig12, Snowstorm253

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