Welcome to Crown Academy where your magical dreams can come true! Hatch enchanted eggs and raise your very own Pegasus, become the cutest CHIBI ROYALTY in the world, attend mini-game style classes to earn pearls and level up, explore our ever-growing enchanted worlds and so much more! Your imagination is the limit.

🎄 Winter Carnival Update 🎄
❄️ Last years Christmas Items can be purchased
🏔️ Christmas Pegasus Egg has Returned
🏂 6 New Claw Machine Prizes
☃️ 7 New Prizes in the prize stand
⛸️ Ice Skating has returned! 

*Epilepsy warning* 
The flashing lights in this game may potentially trigger seizures in people that have Epilepsy. 

Credit to: Svetlana Chmakova for the Pluto Princess Comic

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