🛠️ Version 1.11.1 🛠️
- Attacking someone more than 50k Power Level below you now reflects the damage back to you, unless attacked first.
- Mobile improvements:
Energy Barrage can now be rapid fired by tapping target.

Wanna join a group?!/about

'I, Mercenary' is now open periodically for testing. If you're interested in shooters, link below. PC Only for now!
📜 A mysterious radioactive blob appeared in the middle of town! Grow your power, then squish the puny humans! 
☢️ Get close to the blob to raise your power level 
💪 More powers unlock based on your power level 
☄️ Fight off other players as you seek to become the Monster! 
👹 Giants receive special powers to help them live longer 
🔱 Players should team up to kill the Monster ASAP!

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