The Gates of the Moon is a castle at the base of Giant's Lance. It consists of a ##### castle with a moat, gatehouse, yard, two great walls and large towers. It is greater in size than the Eyrie and at night torchers flicker upon the ramparts of this great blockade. At night, the moon is reflected in the moat infront of these great gates. During the winter, the great House Arryn moves down from its Eyrie and comes down to the Gates for the season, migrating in summer back up to the Eyrie. Past the Gates of the Moon lies the Eyrie, the seat of the Vale and of House Arryn... The Eyrie is the Ancient seat of House Arryn, one of the oldest and purest lines of Andal Nobility. It is located in the Mountains of the Moon on top of the Giants Lance. It is considered ########### to breach. Scripting and animating credit goes to Pjotr966. Terrain and some prop credit goes to TheMadGod


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