Supports PC and Console.

Currently can't change controls on gamepad! Will fix soon!

Default Controls: Keyboard/[Gamepad]

G/[B Button]  -  Inventory/Settings
Shift/[Y Button]  -  Sprint
Left Control/[L3]  -  Crouch
C/[Button X]  -  Interact
X/[Y Button] - Drop
E/[R1]  -  Equip Weapon
E/[X Button]  -  Unequip Weapon
Q/[L2]  -  Dodge Roll
Middle Click/[R2]  -  Toggle Combat Mode
Left Click/[R1] (Hold)  -  Attack (Heavy Attack)
Right Click/[L1]  -  Block (In combat mode)
R  -  Ragdoll
Jump onto a wall while unequipped to start climbing

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